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I still love Glee. I also love Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World, and Teen Wolf. 85% of this blog is Glee, all sorts of stuff about the show.

I can make gifs. If you have requests feel free to ask.

My tags page sorts by episode, character and actor.

I have no OTPs. Don't let the URL fool you, I'm Ryley AND Jarley friendly.
New Directions
Loves of my life

I’ll be alright. 

I’ve dealt with this before. 

“I try not to set limits for myself anymore, because the original limits that I set were proven completely wrong. Here I am now: I have the lead on a TV show, I have a L’Oreal campaign, and I’ve been on the cover of some of my favorite beauty magazines. So here’s a big fat middle finger to the lady who told me to get my nose done.”

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Happy birthday Blake Jenner, 27th August

I actually got my name because my dad is in the music business as a songwriter. I was the third one in my family born, and there are three notes in a chord, so that’s how they came up with my name.

mbenoist: Happy birthday to @Blake_Jenner …I am so crazy happy you were born❤️❤️

Happy 22rd birthday, Blake Alexander Jenner! (Aug 27, 1992)

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Happy 22nd Birthday Blake Alexander Jenner! (Aug 27th, 1992)

Happy 22nd Birthday Blake Jenner!

Could you make a fetus blake birthday edit?

Sure, just posted it :)

Happy 22nd Birthday, Blake Jenner! Aug. 27, 1992

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